Work Work Work Work Work

(Is the song stuck in your head now?)



I’ve been writing for approximately one minute and I’m already sidetracked (by pop songs and memes no less, WHAT HAVE I BECOME?!)

When my plane finally took off, I was nervous…would this engine work?

haha. ha. ha. ha.

Really,  I was too exhausted to be nervous. And despite the technical difficulties of the day prior, planes still didn’t scare me. The nerves were probably more of an upon landing thing.

Why? I mean, just two nights before I had been dancing and singing my heart out to burn off some excited energy.

 (We tell no one of this, okay? It’s our little secret. Which is now on Youtube AND Facebook, so it’s a technological age kind of secret.)
All the other students in my program (the whole whopping four of them) had had AN ENTIRE DAY to bond without me. Therefore they MUST have come to the only logical decision: Hate me. (Admittedly, this was a dramatic fear, as were all others I had pertaining to this trip.)
Naturally they turned out to be the most amazing humans in the whole wide world and we’re like one dysfunctional family.
Last week they did tell me that they had talked about me before I got here, they were trying to guess what I was like. They guessed I would be short (?) and quirky.
They were half right.
They forgot crazy though.
 So today I am grateful for my four new friends, our poor teacher who has to put up with our inability to shut up, and our Icelandic teacher who also has to deal with us…but doesn’t have to live in the same house.
We’re not good at being normal, so here’s a picture of us in our natural (and post hiking) state).
To Angelica (who we call Goldie)–Thank you for showing us the depth of your love of nature, your quest for knowledge,  excited squeals at anything even remotely romantic, and for always being the first one to completely cover yourself in mud/dirt. But mostly, thank you for being such a strong force that will surely change the world.
To Alex (who we call by her last name, Webb)–Thank you for being your guitar playing, singing, loud laughing, hooligan self. You remind us to be playful, to push ourselves harder, and make sure we all have enough energy to run up just one more hill. And thank you for being hyper enough to play soccer with me between classes 🙂
To Ben (He’s just Ben, and that’s all. [Like Junie B. where the B stands for Beatrice but she just likes be and that’s all.])–Thank you for sharing my knitting addiction, for your daily news updates, for accidentally setting off the fire alarm with me, and for your beard. You know your beard is the only reason we keep you around (JUST KIDDING). And for being the best project partner ever, we can totally run the world.
To Alex (we have two, hence the last names, this one is Watts)–Thank you for always quoting, singing, living everything Disney with me, for sitting with me in the car to protect ourselves from Ben and Webb’s shenanigans, for sharing my love of all things food, for your sweet soul full of wonder and determination, and for being the diabolical one who threw green tomatoes at us all morning (it’s always the quiet ones).
To Herdis –Thank you for teaching us Icelandic, even though we butcher it on a daily basis. Thank you for your amazing stories, ability to pick the perfect restaurant for lunch on adventure days, making fun of Hank with us, and being the Viking Queen.
Screen Shot 2016-11-11 at 5.58.06 PM.png
To Hank (we call him Dad, he puts up with it, we think this may be him showing affection)– Thank you for teaching us to change the world, for fueling our need to learn and try (and fail) and experience. Thank you for impromptu explorations, getting lost, and laughing with us all the while. Mostly, thank you for not killing us or leaving us at a gas station (we wouldn’t blame you if you did).
With these people by my side, even the darkest days are light.
We’re going to change the world.
I promise you.
Simple, by following the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals.
Sustainable Development Goals_E_Final sizes
These 17 goals have been put in place for completion by 2030. Yes, they’re aiming high, but we have to start somewhere, and by saying we’re going to get there by 2030 we’re more likely to get there sooner than “someday.”
While the UN is thinking global, I’m thinking local. Start small, there’s plenty to do just around the corner.
Because I only have 19 days left here (*cries*) I’ll be going through them over a few posts, because I want to soak up every second I can here.
So here’s how we’re going to transform our world:
(Not by painting our hands, but this picture is cool.)
Goal 1: End Poverty
Currently the international poverty line is set at earning the equivalent of less than or equal to $1.90 per person per day (hereafter referred to as ppd). From 2002-2016 the percentage of the world below the poverty line fell from 26 to 13. YAY PROGRESS. Not only does the UN want to protect these people form economic and social shocks, but from climate change related disasters as well (the UN gives me hope).
If the UN had asked me (they didn’t, shocking, I kn0w) I would have included more than those who fall below the poverty line. Extending services to those with less that $1.90ppd is great, but what about those at $2ppd? The extra 10 cents helps, sure, but not enough to skyrocket their quality of life. Those on the margins need us too.
My plan? Time to get an internship.
I’m thinking an organization like Capital Roots which can give me the knowledge and experience to make a change.
What’s your plan? (Hint: Donations and volunteer hours are a good place to start!)
Goal 2: End Hunger and Malnutrition
The UN is striving to provide every family with access to calorie-sufficient, safe, and nutritional foods via systematic food production. They hope to increase land, agricultural technology and infrastructure development and access.
My hope? GMOs won’t be their answer. I think by providing towns with the land, technology and skills to start gardens which grow grains, vegetables, and protein (beans and farm animals) we can fix the problem piece by piece. Corn won’t feed the globe.  Bigger tomatoes won’t fix starvation. Local access will.
(I have too many thoughts and stats on this to fit in one post, but soon you can read an essay I wrote on it! YAY YOU!)
Goal 3: Good Health and Wellbeing
Reproductive, maternal, child health…communicable and non-communicable diseases…environmental diseases, we need help for them all.
Doctors without borders does an amazing job of increasing medicinal and vaccine access and providing some health coverage around the world. But strength is in numbers, and they don’t have enough. Hey pre-meds and nursing students (wink wink nudge nudge)
Personally, I find my hope just down the hall from me (at home that is).
(HI MOM!!!)
My wonderwoman works at the Whitney M Young Health Center in Albany. Just take a peak at the website and you’ll see why it’s a superhero workplace: “Whitney Young Health celebrates diversity among patients and staff as a core value and embraces cultural competency as a part of an effective means of reducing health disparities in under-served communities.”
Goal 4: Quality Education
In 2013, 59 million children of elementary school age were attending. 1 in 5 of these children had dropped out, and 2 of 5 had never even been in a classroom.
Story time has never been so crucial ❤
With only 4/17 goals mentioned, I know it already seems like a nearly insurmountable task.
But we’ve done crazier things before (like put that many in these states to begin with) so lets reverse what’s gone wrong, restore our faith in humanity, and get to work 🙂
I’ve heard it helps if you whistle 😉
Love, hugs, hope, and action plans from across the ocean ❤
Live, laugh, love,bake, (change the world,)
Marley and Team
P.S. Always give in to your wanderlust

Time Flies, Maybe Pigs Can Too?

I’ll love ya tomorrow, it’s only a day awayyyyyyyyy….

Image result for tomorrow funny

I pinky swear promise 6 people I love, appreciate, and admire tomorrow, along with this super cool (and hopeful) topic. But it’s 10:30 and we’ve only just finished farm hopping, sheep hugging, and cow milking…so a shower and sleep are in order.

Hugs from a very smelly farmer girl ❤

Live, laugh, love, bake,
Marley (Bob)

P.S. Always give in to your wanderlust (but bring soap)

Don’t believe me? Just watch.

When the going gets tough, the tough get going.


So I’m putting my tough face on.



My darling environmental social justice ninjas, this is your call to action.

Being paralyzed by fear will do us no good.

You want change?

Bring it.


I believe in you.


Because a wise man once told me (and the rest of the country) that “Yes, we can.”

So dammit America, I’m coming home (on November 30th) and oh goodness do I have plans (that could use some ironing out and support–now accepting applications).


But first things first, some positivity.

As Dumbledore tells us:



For the next 30 days (because it takes 30 days to make or break a habit) I will be posting 3 people for whom I am grateful. That’s 3 reasons to work harder, do more, and aim higher. (And I’d love some company on the journey.)

My Peeps:

To Billy–The dad to my mom halloween costume, the crazy to my crazy, one of my best friends forever and always, and the guy who reminded me today (via Facetime, whilst I was making rice pudding and he was combing his hair) that THIS IS OUR TIME, and we’ve got a world to change. Thank you for keeping me sane ❤ and reminding me to eat/sleep.


To  Buddy–You are my batman, you are the hero America needs, and bring out my sassy sarcastic side ❤ for which I am forever grateful. (Also you’ve put up with me for 12 years and that says a lot.) (Oh and you just happen to be my motivation for changing the world. AKA I love you Buddy, you’re the best little brother ever.)


To Tessa–My social justice guru, my sense of inner peace, my reminder that there is good and beauty in the world. You helped me find the strength inside me, and remind me everyday why I am grateful to be a part of this amazing journey called life. Thank you for being my soul sister ❤



So thank you loves for being exactly who you are, and exactly what I need to get me going.


What’s the plan?

Image result for preach the gospel at all times and when necessary use words

(If I was there with you all, I totally would. But I’m not…so better luck next time!)

Image result for preach the gospel at all times and when necessary use words

So since interpretive dance is off the table (I’d tried to keep this post serious, I really did, but I failed) it’s time to follow St. Francis of Assisi.

For St. Francis, the answer is love, compassion, and understanding.

Love your friends and your family. Love those who’s opinion is different from yours for challenging you to think and to act. Love those who share your opinion for strengthening your movement and passion. Love the experiences that teach you the depths of your feelings and views.

When I need a reminder of love, I look at this picture:


It reminds me of the beauty and strength found in service, in personal and spiritual growth, and in pushing your comfort zones to make a change.

Be compassionate to everything from the roots of the trees to the birds in the sky. Care for the people around you, the soul within you, and the spirits in-between.


I find my compassion for the world and all its’ beings while meditating in nature. The wind and water fill me with their strength and remind me to feel for others the way they feel for every molecule that flows within them.

Do not fear what you do not know. Seek to understand. With knowledge may come responsibility, but ignorance is a dangerous state to play with.


This is a statue of St. Francis that sits out side in rain and snow, always seeking to understand others and help them become the best version of themselves.

These next four years, we can be downtrodden and scared, or we can be active and momentous.

Personally, I’ve never been good at sitting still.

Who’s with me?




Extra hugs and all my love ❤


Live, laugh, love, bake,

Marley and Tea

P.S. Always give in to your wanderlust.


Carbon (Die)oxide (Kills)



There’s a lot of ways that the world could end.

Alien invasion, nuclear fallout, technological takeover, super virus, zombie attack, volcanic eruptions on a massive scale, explosion of the sun,  the current political election…

Really the options are endless.


Personally, I have two favorites.

Option 1:

The oven breaks (in which case I consider the world over because WHO CARES ABOUT LIFE IF THERE AREN’T COOKIES?!)m1ax8vn

Option 2:

Climate change. You know that thing that we’re causing with our fossil fuel addiction? Ironically, that’s what fuels the stove to make the cookies that make life worth living (Time to think about renewable energy peeps, actually it’s past time but better late than dead.)


Thankfully for you, I’m an optimist.



The scary thing is that they make high-heeled rain boots…so you could technically wear both…but please don’t do that…aren’t selfie sticks bad enough?


There are other optimists out there I swear 🙂 maybe you’ve heard of this guy? hehe

Like him, I think there are some solutions to all of our problems, we just have to get creative and work really (really really really) hard.


See, with the oven broken, I made a stovetop cake! What a perfect opportunity for trying new recipes! Not only was this Banana Lavender Cake with a Balsamic Blueberry Sauce out of this world delicious, it also used less energy because it only had to cook for 12 minutes, as opposed to the hours batches of cookies and fancy cakes take. You can have your cake and eat it too 😉


It was good cake.


Which we ate by candlelight because eternal darkness is settling into the land of fire and ice.


So now that you know that I’m a stovetop genius, saving the planet is going to be a piece of cake!








Dad, I blame you (and thanks).

Because climate change is an urgent matter that needs big actions fast, National Geographic’s newest documentary “Before the Flood” is available for free viewing on YouTube, they understand that we have no time to waste.

Look at how easy I’ve made it! A trailer to entice you AND THE WHOLE MOVIE for your convenience.

You have no excuses.



Full movie:

Lots of critics have been ripping Leonardo DiCaprio to pieces for making a movie about Climate Change when a. He’s not expert and b. He works in an industry that’s killing the planet.

A. At least he’s trying to learn, and is doing his best to get as much information as possible to fix the issue in a way that will actually be effective.

B. I’m sorry, I didn’t realize an international movie star supporting a cause and drawing the attention of millions was a bad thing? Yes, I hate what the film industry does to the planet. But, I’d rather celebrities use their power for good and as they become more informed they can work to change the way the industry operates. They have a lot of pull with fans, politicians, and big money makers and shakers, so if they’re up for the challenge, let them help!!!!


(It should say “Some years after climate change,” but it’s still funny.)

I don’t know about you, but I can’t afford to produce a documentary, but I can afford to offset part of my carbon footprint!

What’s a carbon footprint you ask?

According to the EPA your carbon footprint is defined as “The total amount of greenhouse gases that are emitted into the atmosphere each year by a person, family, building, organization, or company. A persons carbon footprint includes greenhouse gas emissions from fuel that an individual burns directly, such as by heating a home or riding in a car. It also includes greenhouse gases that come from producing the goods or services that the individual uses, including emissions from power plants that make electricity, factories that make products, and landfills where trash gets sent.”


The best way to reduce your carbon footprint is through action:

Shop locally, less transportation of the food and to get your food saves a whole lot of fossil fuel!

Switch out your car for a bike as often as possible! Your doctor and the planet will thank you!

If you must drive, try for a biodiesel or electric car…or at least a car with better mileage.

Take public transportation when possible, busses and trains that is…avoid planes at all costs.

Carpool! Take time to catch up with friends and get where you’re going!

Plan out your errands so that you get them all done at once with the least mileage, no more running to the grocery store now and then deciding maybe to head to Target four hours later.

Quit fossil fuels, opt for wind, hydroelectric, geothermal, and solar power when possible.

Carbon Offsets to Alleviate Poverty has some more awesomesauce ideas about how to reduce your carbon footprint.

And for those things you can’t eliminate? Try buying a carbon offset.

Take my flight to and from Iceland, I’ve learned amazing things while being here while will make me a better environmentalist moving forward. So, even though planes are basically environmental assassins, I don’t regret my flight.

When purchasing carbon offsets, it’s important to choose a trustworthy company investing in worthwhile projects that are happening now. Personally, I look for projects that are trying to offset greenhouse gases besides carbon, like methane, which causes a lot more harm. I tend to trust TerraPass the most, but Carbon Neutral from Natural Capital Partners does good work too.

TerraPass allows you to calculate your monthly or yearly footprint, or analyze individual trips. There’s even a special section for specific flights! My flights (round trip) will have emitted 4,808 lbs of CO2. The cost to offset is just $30, but the environmental effect is like planting 56 trees in a city…I’d say that’s money well spent. Ideally, airlines will have an option to offset your footprint when you purchase your ticket.


Time to save the world! Go hug a tree.



Live, laugh, love, bake,

Marley and Me


P.S. Always give in to your wanderlust, and then offset your footprint from your adventures.


A Hug a Day Keeps the Doctor Away

I hold these truths to be self-evident: I will never make sauce like my Mema or oatmeal like my Gram.

I’ve seen them make these delicious wonders over and over, stirred the pot while they worked their magic, and asked for the recipe so many times I’m pretty sure I have it memorized.

Of course, I’ve done my best to copy their perfection in my own culinary escapades.

But it doesn’t matter.

Because it NEVER EVER tastes like when they make it. I follow instructions to the “T!”(Which I would normally never do in the kitchen.) And end up with dish that’s tasty but missing that special something.

For the record, I will never be able to order a McDonald’s Hamburger or Friendly’s Hotdog like my Papa (and I won’t ever attempt to).

I swear there’s this magical transformation that happens when you become a grandparent, everything you cook (or order, in Papa’s case) becomes filled with so much love that nothing will ever compare.

Meet Mema, cook extraordinaire, the classiest woman I know, and impossible to beat at miniature golf. She’s the Italian grandmother of everyone’s dreams but she’s mine* so you can’t have her HA.


Meet Gram, the best librarian in the whole wide world, travel genius, and someone you want on your team for cards (otherwise you’re losing, accept your defeat). And even though she’s perfect and I’m sure you want her too, she is also mine* and therefore once again, not yours. MWAHAHA.


Meet Papa (but don’t trust his food recommendations), universal icon, professional technology geek, and the only person for whom I will agree to leave some cookies unfrosted.

He’s just that special.

Also mine*. Still not sharing.


(This is one of probably three whole pictures I have that actually have Papa in them…normally he’s behind the camera taking pictures of everyone at their worst…like whilst chewing…)

*My brother and cousins may remain grandchildren of aforementioned grandparents at this time, out of the kindness of my heart (and the laws of nature/family trees).

Now that I’ve begun explaining my family to you, I should probably let you in on the direction this blog post is headed (though I’m sure it often sounds like my rambles have none).


This past weekend we adopted some Icelandic grandparents (possibly against their will).

I think they may actually have been nordic gods or elves in disguise, they were just that perfect.

We knew it would be the experience of a lifetime when upon meeting they set out a rainbow of mugs and homemade cookies.



Did I mention the homemade donuts?


Then, because our first hour wasn’t enough to sell us on their amazing slice of heaven, we were guided around their home and museum.

Which they built by hand out of recycled wood. Because how else would you build a house?

And naturally the floors were a mosaic of old granite counter tops people had thrown out.


And the guest house?

Just this little hobbit home of happiness.



It’s an old turf house. We may believe that we went to eat donuts and get knitting assistance, but really we were there to help rebuild some turf walls.

It’s a muddy process.

Also be prepared to lose all feeling in your toes.

And eventually fingers.


It’s not as easy as it looks. Though I’m not sure building a wall looks particularly simple to begin with…

Have you ever tried to persuade rocks to fit together like puzzle pieces? No?

Well let me just tell you, they are rebellious little buggers WHO DON’T DO AS TOLD.

Four hours later…

In total darkness, covered from head to toe in dirt and rock dust, we naturally had a bit of a mud war…which is why you never leave hungry children alone in the wilderness.


They soon realized this and promptly fed us.

And then sent us off to bed.


Apparently people used to be this size? I may be tall for a girl, but I swear only a toddler could fit comfortably extended in this bed.

I slept in a hand-knit-blanket-covered-ball-of-wood-stove-warmed happiness.

Some perspective…

The woman who once lived here was born, gave birth to nine children, and died in her bed within these turf walls.

Just try to imagine that life.

And her ghost is probably still chilling out there.

The next afternoon our honorary Icelandic grandmother fed us soup made of mountain moss, milk, and honey…once you got past the slightly slimy texture, it just tasted like steamed milk. Apparently the moss is the best natural antibiotic out there.

So stop paying money for meds and head to the mountains!

(Just make sure you know a thing or two about plants before you go popping them all in your mouth…)


Above: Dried Moss

Below: Moss Soup



And now that I’m missing all of my grandparents (Italian, Canadian AND Icelandic) it’s time to cuddle up in my normal sized bed and head to sleep.


Hugs from miles away ❤

!Remember! Hug your grandparents. They like to keep a stock of hugs for rainy days.


Live, laugh, love, bake,

Marley and Me

P.S. Always give in to your wanderlust, but never forget your roots.


Blogger Gone Bad

I haven’t blogged since Tuesday.



You see on Wednesday we were baking a million and one cookies and coloring oodles of pumpkins and bats for…

A. Valentine’s Day

B. Thanksgiving

C. Halloween

D. Easter


I mean I thought it was for Halloween myself, but Walmart seems to think they all happen at the same time…so now I’m confused.

And naturally since Halloween is on Monday Solheimar decided to celebrate on Thursday…because that’s logical…



So then naturally my Thursday was spent dressing up as a spider


I think I was just summoning my younger self who was once a spider witch


(This is probably the scariest Halloween costume I have ever worn. BOO!)

Then there was some dancing…


The polka.


Yup. You read that right.

I’m not kidding.

I was a spider dancing the polka, because apparently the polka is very popular amongst the residents here.


Weirdest halloween ever.

But these goofballs made it pretty great 🙂



And then Friday and Saturday we spent at some old Turf Houses taking over the Hobbit World (but more on that in a later post).


Which (four thousand excuses later) brings me to today, and I am finally blogging.


I think I had a point in here somewhere…


AHA YES! We’re going to talk about mud.


I have always been a fan of mud.


Mostly during track season. We would go on muds on rainy days to see who could get themselves the muddiest.

(I’d say I did a gosh darn good job)

Dad had to spray me down with the hose before I was allowed in the house.

So why am I talking about my mud-filled adolescence? And why should you care?

The short answer is because I can and I’m awesome.


The long answer…

I feel like Iceland has me in a state of childlike wonder. My jaw eternally dropping as I run from one adventure


to the next.


You see, I feel like society has had a tendency of late to tell me to keep clean, put on some shoes, and remember that rain could kill me so please remain indoors. 

The status quo and normality are a bit like prisons. But here, my hands are almost always in the dirt, sliding around on socks is encouraged, and rainy days are the perfect time for puddle-jumping and river-wading. (And tree hugging happens frequently.)


I know that there is a time and a place for formality, and the business side of me appreciates it (to some extent).


But there are so many moments in life that should be spent living out your imagination, because it is a powerful tool, and I swear we can use it to change the world. We let our minds be trapped by the walls of society, lock the door, throw away the key.

Thankfully, my parents are amazing in every way shape and form and never expected me to be anyone besides my crazy self. As evidenced by my bedroom wall that my Dad painted for me when I was 6. When Mom and Dad offered to take down the Little Mermaid and make my room more “teenager-y” I told them not in my lifetime. They laughed, and she stayed. (In case you weren’t aware, Mr. Twisty is also quite handy with paint. But not with tools. We call Uncle Ted for that.)


But even with parents who let me talk to my imaginary friends all day and frolic in the flowers, it can be hard to fight against societies’ one size fits all mentality.

This semester is the perfect reminder that walls should be broken down because open spaces are far more conducive to a life worth living. We belong hiking through the mountains, gazing up at the trees, and trying our best to imitate the ravens (Our professor here can caw just like them. We’re never 100% certain if it’s him or an actual raven…or if HE’S a raven…dun dun DUNNNN).

Sadly, it seems that even children these days are losing their sense of wonder. They don’t need to fight off zombies in the woods, because they have them on the screen. There’s no reason to collect leaves and twigs for arts and crafts when there’s perfect looking plastic ones you can buy at the store. Childhood has traded in adventure for electronics and creativity for conformity.

Or so I thought, until I met the boy on Horse Mountain (Called Hesterfell in Icelandic) who scampered up as if it was only a hill. All the while throwing blauber (blueberries) at me and running away giggling, climbing higher and higher to find the perfect stick to fend off the lions. And never ever ever (ever ever) going near the big rocks, because that’s where the troll monsters live. And I wouldn’t want to anger them. But don’t worry, if the trolls woke up he’d fend them off.


Apparently there are still children let loose into the woods for adventure, not fearing nature and all its beauty. This boy gave me hope. Hope that someday Nature Deficit Disorder  (a term coined by Richard Louv in his book Last Child in the Woods) will be an idea for the past, when my generation was foolish enough to stay trapped indoors instead of out. Nature still exists, and despite all of the havoc that’s been wreaked on it by humanity, it is still a wonder. So many sites to be seen and journeys to be had, it’s time to send ourselves back outside for playtime. Time to dig our hands through the dirt and remember just how cool worms are.


(Say hi to the Icelandic Henry!)

Teachers often recommend that children who are easily distracted don’t sit by the doors or windows. Have they forgotten that nature is a classroom too? That kids should be spending time outside to learn about the magic of the world around them? And not just on swing sets and monkey bars, but in the woods and fields, because that’s where the fairies and trolls play.

I want to play! In Iceland, I can. Back home, I will. And someday, my children will too.

A little boy on a mountain reminded me that the best way to take care of the planet, is to remember how much we love it. You don’t hurt what you love, you nurture it.  


Hugs from the all-natural playground ❤


Live, laugh, love, bake,
Marley and Me

P.S. Always give in to your (childlike) wanderlust.

Going Bananas

I love food.


What I don’t love is the cost associated with it.

I don’t mean the actual price you pay, though that can be outrageous too…


I’m talking about the environmental cost of transporting our food from our farms to our plates, not to mention the processing plants in between.

Then there’s the whole, pesticideswillkillmewhattheheckisinyourfertilizer debacle, so of course we’re headed for the organic section.


But that happens to cost more than my five minimum wage college jobs can afford. (Which brings us to the monetary price issue all over again.)


So what I really need is locally grown organic food that I can pick up by bicycle on a regular basis that grows in season and provides for all of my nutritional needs (macros, minerals, nutrients, the works) where the farmers and farm hands are fairly paid and not exposed to chemicals that will damage their health and future and don’t have to pay crazy prices just to get the fancy “organic label” but also I want that label because pesticides are bad *gasps for air* is that a GMO seed because I don’t like those and could you make this affordable to people working for minimum wage and what about the fact that it’s the middle of winter and I’m sick of root vegetables how are you growing your tomatoes now what is the electricity bill for that and is your greenhouse using renewable energy and compost and water cycling and and and and and and


Eating just got so freaking complicated.



Then there’s this whole issue (I was going to rant about it but I love him and his accent is oh so perfect, so I’ll let him do it for me, lucky you!)


So no of course I’m feeling guilty about everything I have ever and will ever consume and I really just want one of those mallow pumpkins right now even though it contains pretty much everything I just said I’m against.


(Admit it, you want one too.)

And then I realize I really need to get my life together.


And if a baby in a tux thinks so too, then it must be true.


(*Audience groans*)

I’ve been eating vegetarian breakfast and lunch and vegan dinners and balancing (or trying really gosh darn hard) to balance my protein with my fruits and veggies and carbs so that has to count for something right?!

AKA I’m overwhelmed HELP

So I took a deep breath (Read: Went for a long run and then did some yoga, which did technically require deep breathing so it wasn’t a total lie.) and decided I’d start small.

  1. Our bananas here are from Cobana, a company that grows in Ecuador, Colombia and Central America (it doesn’t specify where specifically), and then sends the bananas to Germany for ripening. AND THEN they’re sent to Iceland for purchase. It was bad enough that they were grown so far away to begin with, but that they then had to be shipped somewhere else for ripening?! That means my banana has traveled around 8000 miles to get from the banana tree to my breakfast bowl.THAT’S SO MUCH CARBON BEING RELEASED INTO THE ATMOSPHERE JUST SO I CAN EAT A BANANA. And it hardly sounds efficient. I will not be eating bananas this week.
  2. Our bread, while made here from amazing ingredients that produce a delectable product, will also be off my dining menu for the week. Why? Back home I eat almost no bread. It doesn’t fill me up, and I don’t crave it (normally…because I do love to bake it from scratch and enjoy a warm piece of homemade sourdough with butter every once in a cold winter while). So why have I been having toast when I’m hungry instead of yogurt? Good question. I don’t know. Ease of access? (Wow, the fridge vs. the counter, eaten with my hands vs. in a reusable glass jar with a spoon, I now sound really lazy.) No bread this week. (Please don’t mistake that for no carbs, I don’t practice a no carb diet, and am not advocating for it here. I’m just saying mind your hunger pains and eat foods that will really fill you. I just had pasta with veggies for dinner and it was delicious and my tummy is full and happy. But I didn’t eat bread on the side.)

Okay so now that I’ve calmed my own mental storm, it’s time for seven million cups of tea, my fuzzy socks and I to curl up with The Omnivore’s Dilemma by Michael Pollan so that I can learn about more things to rant about for you!!!


Anyone want to go bananas by not eating bananas with me?


Love and hugs from across the ocean ❤

(Also really missing apple season right now, the ones here…yeah, let’s not talk about it.)


Live, laugh, love, bake,

Marley and Tea


P.S. Always give in to your wanderlust.