Oh, Pooh


For the past hour I’ve been staring at this photo to remind myself that the world is a beautiful place.


I spent my day at a Sewage treatment plant.

Just let that sink in for a sec.

(REMEMBER HIM??? Hint: Lizzie McGuire)

Actually, it was really interesting. And for a developed country, Iceland is doing a really shitty job.

(Excuse the pun.)


Ideally we’d all convert to compost toilets, give up on plastics entirely, and stop dumping crap into our beautiful bodies of water.

But since people don’t seem to find this glamorous (SHOCKING), we’re lacking some serious funds and conversation.


SO if you’d like to talk more about poop processing, I’m all ears.

(Like this creature.)

But for those of you who find this entirely disgusting (which I totally understand), I’ll change the topic.

So here’s to some of these Siena hooligans who remind me that the whole world isn’t full of shit 😉

We go by “The Minions” but formally we’re Peer Advisors (which sounds like way less fun…)

Just one of the many Siena Families I can’t wait to squeeze when I come home ❤


To Kaylee: Without you’d I’d have lost every last one of my three remaining marbles. Thank you for the hours you spent with me covered in dust and old school supplies and class essays from the 80s in order to organize, prioritize and (obviously) color code the office.


To Ellen: To the sweetest of the sweethearts, I am so glad that we had time together this summer for adventures, storytime, and homework bonding. I miss you so very berry much and cannot wait to come home and see your beautiful smile!


To Jess: (Yes, I stole this picture from your facebook 🙂 which means we need to take some together…) It’s hard to believe how close we’ve gotten just over one semester, I miss you so much and am so grateful to have a friend who loves hiking, yoga, nature, and food as much as I do. Here’s to all the sanity we’ll lose next semester ❤

To Holly: There aren’t enough words to describe how grateful I am for everything you do for me. Your help, guidance, kindness, and love are unmatched. I hope that someone is making sure you get your fruits and veggies while I’m gone. (And if your desk is a mess there will be hell to pay…JUST KIDDING…kind of…) You’re not just advisor of the year, you’re one of a lifetime ❤

So, even when the world seems full of poo, or particularly poo-ish* individuals, it helps to remember you’ve got a group of Minions ready to help ❤

*NOT to be confused with Pooh-ish. He’s perfect. Everyone should aspire to be Pooh-ish.


Hugs and hugs and hugs and hugs ❤


Live, laugh, love, bake,
Marley and Tea

P.S. Always give in to your wanderlust


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