Time Flies (And So Do Pigs)

Once upon a time, I read a novel where a girl could pause time.

It sounded like heaven, she could learn hundreds of languages, read any book she pleased, and travel without interruption, without the fear of being late for class, dinner, and all those normal things 🙂

It had me wishing I could stop time.

Then she aged prematurely, her extra years catching up with her.

One day her skin shriveled up, her hair grayed, and she died. Poof, from a 16 year old, to a literal pile of dust on the floor (I don’t know why this was their interpretation of death…like, BOOM you’re a sandbox?).

I no longer wish I could stop time. Because while I love a good sandbox, I don’t really want to be one.

Every once in a while my thoughts drift back to my original wish though, wondering if it would be worth it for just a little while longer in this heaven on earth in Solheimar.

Yesterday, it hit me hard.

2 weeks…

14 days…

Decreasing every minute (second, millisecond, you name it)…

…Until I leave the place I’ve come to call home and head back to the states.

Did I blink? I must have. 3 months can’t be almost over yet!!!


So today I am grateful for the 6 people who reminded me that the end of an adventure does not mean the end of living, of friendships, of experience, and of growth.



To Angie: It’s hard to believe you’ve only been in my life for a few months. You feel like a sister that’s been in my life forever, and not the kind of sister that you hate…the one that you love and go to for everything always because she’s perfect and understanding and wonderful in all ways. I miss you so much and can’t wait to come home just in time for your going away celebration BECAUSE YOU’RE ON A FULLBRIGHT TO BRAZIL BABY!!!

To Jenna-bean: After living with you all summer, and being on staff together last fall, I go through legitimate separation anxiety when we’re apart. You are a spot of eternal sunshine in this crazy world, my source of everlasting optimism (and sarcasm), and my go-to coffeethattasteslikebadburnedtarbreakfastbuddy and readingintreesonthechapelpatioinspiration. Love you darling ❤

To Isa: I can’t believe it has been over three months since I have heard your amazing laugh, gone on random adventures to who knows where with you, had you to keep me company on those nights on duty, and done so many arts and crafts that we were covered in marker and glitter. But you’re coming to visit this year…right?!

To Lucas: I AM SENDING YOU SO MANY HUGS RIGHT NOW. You have the most loving heart and I miss your smile all the time. Keep being amazing and don’t let anyone tell you you’re anything less than world-dominating and fabulous. The world could use more people like you ❤

To Lio: You may not know it, but you are a teacher. You have taught me so much about friendship, adventure, travel, and growth. Thank you for your hugs, helping me through every mental breakdown, your indisputably amazing taste in music, and all the love you give to the world. Your friendship is something I will forever treasure.

To Filipe: The world has know idea how lucky they are to have you in it, if they did they’d thank you everyday. You are so pure of heart and soul, your kindness is unmatched, and your sense of adventure made for such an amazing summer for us all.  Thank you for putting up with my barefoot runs through fields, and always being up for star-gazing. I’m grateful for you always, don’t you dare ever forget that 🙂

It’s not goodbye you see, it’s simply…


So while this adventure is coming to a close (BUT IT’S NOT OVER YET), I know that the friends I’ve made and moments I’ve had make all of the sadness of leaving worth it.

Plus, how are we going to change the world if we don’t go home? 😉


Love and hugs from miles away, you’re always in my heart ❤


Live, laugh, love, bake,

Marley and Me

P.S. Always give in to your wanderlust.



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