Moves like Jagger


When I was a wee little one, I went to my first dance class. Barefoot and full of energy, I ran about the room with the poise of a rhinoceros.


These days, I’m more like a baby elephant. But not for lack of trying to be otherwise (I promise Mom and Dad I TRY to be quiet…I just also fail).

Despite the face that my limbs have not transformed from 15 years of dance, my heart, mind and soul have.

To Ginny: From the moment you gave me my invisible string I felt blessed by a goddess. Your patience, grace, love, and encouragement have given me the belief in myself to take the world by storm. With you as our guide, dancing was so much more.


To Dana: You instilled us with elegance and sass, a dangerous (and fun) combination. You motivated us to be the change we wanted to see the world, and reminded us daily not to let the world tame us. Thank you ❤



And when formal dance education ends, crazy dancing with friends begins…

To Kayla: Thank you for random dancing to disney songs when it was 2am and we were still doing homework in a building neither of us can pronounce, laughing at our dysfunction, keeping me sane through first semester of freshman year, being the light in my day and my person for always, and for becoming even more like a sister and staying by my side even when we’re 300 miles apart (303 to be exact).


Then (when we didn’t have our lives together) and Now (when we still don’t)



Without all of you I’d still be a rhino, and hunters keep trying to poach them so I’d probably be dead…and I kind of really enjoy living…

ANYWHO…why have I made you listen to me reminisce about dancing years gone by?

Because  when the weather gets rough, you can always dance in the rain!


hehe hehe hehe hehe

So that’s what we’re going to do 🙂


And with that, the final five Sustainable Development Goals for 2030:


Goal 13: Climate Action

As the UN puts it “Climate change presents the single biggest threat to development.”

And if we can’t get the government to believe us, we’ll just have to do the heavy lifting

(It’s okay people, I work out…2lb weights count, right?)


But seriously, this one’s on us. (I’ve only been talking about this for two and a half months…)

Goal 14: Life Below Water

If nothing else gets to you, at least tell me you’re willing to save Dory.



(And save the lakes, oceans, rivers, ponds, streams, and puddles from pollution and disappearing biodiversity.)


I highly recommend you watch “Damnation” (which will make you say “Damn we need to fix this nation” mwahaha)

Goal 15: Life on Land

You know how people have been telling you to plant a tree for years?

This time, do it.



Goal 16: Peace, Justice and Strong Institutions

We need to be held accountable for our actions, our choices, and our future.

It’s in our hands.

Make something of it.


Some say we’ve reached a negative tipping point, we’re doomed.

I say the time has never been better to be the change you want to see in the world.


Goal 17: Partnership for the Goals

It takes two to tango, and it takes every person for peace.



THIS is our time (*powerful voice inflection* *assumes wonder woman stance*)


Hugs and power poses ❤


Live, laugh, love, bake,


P.S. Always give in to your wanderlust



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