Let’s Get Crazy

Have I ever told you that I’m crazy?

Here’s the proof:

(And now we never speak of this again.)


A lot of people have worked hard to train me to be socially acceptable (it was no small feat).

These days I like to think I’m just the right amount of weird.



(My headlamp is my new favorite accessory.)

When I think about my journey from strange child to strange college student, there are so many people who deserve awards (for putting up with me) and thanks (for teaching me).

So what brings a person to be an Economics major with a double minor in Environmental Studies and Mathematics? (Besides an insane delusion that it won’t drive me off the edge.)

To Mr. York, my 8th grade math teacher: Thank you for finding my love for numbers, teaching me that logic is addicting, and encouraging me to ask questions (even when it takes me forever to figure out how to word them).

To Dr. Kenney, the professor tasked with teaching us Calculus 2 in 4 weeks: Thank you for using fruit analogies for complicated topics, for color-coded white board illustrations, for random rants about the current weather patterns…but mostly for showing us the potential that lies within our brains.

To Mr. Mosall, my 12th grade econ teacher: When you enjoy writing an econ paper while still in pain from getting your wisdom teeth removed, you’ve probably found your happy place. Thank you for continuing to make economics seem painless and positive, even when the topics seemed trying and pessimistic.

To Dr. Ramnarain, my sophomore year econ professor: WHY DID YOU LEAVE SIENA, DON’T YOU LOVE US ANYMORE?!  (I’m happy for you, I swear)

Thank you for fueling my passion to save the world, for teaching me the ins and outs of how to convince business big-wigs that people matter more than the bottom line, and for reminding me to never lose hope in the face of adversity.

To Mrs. Gangemi, the ruler of the universe/best English teacher ever: Many people teach topics, but you taught us how to think, question, learn, be, and push our boundaries and comfort zones. And even when we no longer sat in your class, you poured us tea and took the time to help us see the universe in a whole new light.

You are my inspiration.

To Dr. Ellard: You were always afraid you had gone too far in class, but you never did. Every crazy theatrical explanation, analogy no one had ever heard of, and chicken (yes, a real chicken) you let into class made it all the more special. The world changed in my eyes the day I stepped into Environmental Ethics, and it hasn’t been the same since.



With all these amazing change makers and world shakers in my life, OF COURSE I can conquer whatever comes at me, no matter what. And you can too ❤

Goal 9: Industry, Innovation, and Infrastructure

Opportunity is knocking they say, time to increase R&D to drive growth and increase operations. Personally, a little terrified of this one. Innovation? SIGN ME UP. Industry? Ummmm, like how to make it cleaner? Because that sounds good. But more of it? No thank you. Infrastructure? How about trees, can we get more trees?

Of course I’m all for helping the third world develop, we have a responsibility to humanity. But we also have a responsibility to the planet and to ourselves to set the standard and precedent for green and humane growth.

That I can get behind.


Goal 10: Reduced Inequalities


Income, age, sex, gender, gender identity, disability, race, ethnicity, origin, religion, economic status…the list goes on and on…so find your passion and FIGHT FOR IT (peacefully please).


And please, check your privilege at the door.


Goal 11: Sustainable Cities and Communities

In 2030 it is predicted that 6 out of 10 global citizens will live in urban areas. But, in 2014 30% of urban dwellers were forced to live in terrible slum-like conditions. So, it’s safe to say we’ve got work to do.


Goal 12: Responsible Consumption and Production

Needs vs. Wants people.

It’s that simple (or complicated).

We want a lot, and our wishes have left the world wasted.

Wake up.

Want to start small? Bring your own take-out containers for restaurants, store things in tupperware and ball jars instead of plastic bags and paper boxes, get crafty and upcycle!



Stew on that, meanwhile, I need to start the soup for dinner.


But with the right attitude…


As long as we work together ❤


Hugs from across the ocean ❤

Live, laugh, love, bake,

Marley and Tea

P.S. Always give in to your wanderlust.




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