Ninjas Assemble


Today we were supposed to go in a cave. But upon arriving, we found the entrance boarded AND padlocked. When our professor showed us the three massive caved in spots, we weren’t totally surprised…


It’s Webb’s birthday, so we tried to throw her in (That’s an appropriate present right?)


(No one was harmed in the making of this photo)

Spending all of this time with wonderful new friends reminds me of all of the superbly amazing people I have back home, and how grateful I am for each and every one of them.

It helps to have friends going through the same growing pains and culture shock as you…which is one of the five-thousand four-hundred and ninety-two (ish) reasons I love Karina with all my heart.


My favorite person, rock, and sanity is all the way in Jaipur, India, and I have no doubt that she will go on to change the world. I am beyond excited to see her smiling face next semester and finally be able to hug her (plus have a long night of tea and storytelling), because while FaceTime is great, it’s not nearly the same as hiding in a blanket fort.

Want to see just how kick butt she is for yourself?! Follow her supercalifragilisticexpialidocious blog:

Then there’s Roshan, my first friend at Siena. She lives within the beauty of every moment, keeps me calm, and reminds me of the strength we have within us.

Over the summer we read Wild by Cheryl Strayed, together truly fitting as this year we are both embarking on our own version of the PCT. As she experiences the trials and tribulations of her first year of medical school (for which I am SO INCREDIBLY proud of and impressed by her), I am off wondering why it was dark AT 3PM here in Iceland?!

The point is, without her, I would not be where or who I am today. Even with miles and miles (and an ocean) between us, I feel her presence in my heart daily, reminding me to be kind and strive with all intention to make the world a better place.


And of course, there’s my bunny, my day one, the one who made my adolescence the crazy, Harry Potter filled, crafting years of wacko that they were.



It’s a generally accepted fact that she’s my sister, even our parents agree. If you’re lucky you’ve seen into her mind and know just how flipping fantastic she is, and that with her in  the world, things are bound to start looking up.

These three lovelies lead me to fantabulous Goal 5: Gender Equality.


In 2014, 143 countries guaranteed equality within their constitutions, leaving 52 left to promise this basic right. And as we all know, just because it’s in writing doesn’t make it a reality (anyone remember “Separate but equal?”).

My part? My career. By being a part of policy making, I can be one of many (civilly) fighting against the backwards system.

Goal 6: Clean Water and Sanitation

If I forget to bring my water bottle with me ANYWHERE  I freak out, so I cannot even begin to imagine the anxiety of those living with poor quality and/or limited access to water. With only 3% of the world being fresh water, we really need to focus on our water resource management, and get creative with sanitation solutions.

Check out The Thirst Project for ways to help. (And if you’re a Siena Student, JOIN THE CLUB. If you’re not, start a branch at your university/school/in your town.)


Goal 7: Affordable and Clean Energy

1.1 Billion people live without ANY electricity (and here we are addicted to our outlets). And many of those who do have it, possess only a limited amount, and it’s dirty (oil, natural gas, coal). And then there’s us with electricity eating up our hours, wattage fueled by fossil fuels.

It’s time to think green.


Thanks to the Union of Concerned Scientists  I’m learning to make changes  my life (this is me peer pressuring you to look too).

Goal 8: Decent Work and Economic Growth


The word growth scares me lately.

Do I want everyone to be able to find meaningful employment? YES

Do I want all families to be able to afford life’s necessities? YES

Do I want the economy to be stable? WELL DUH I STUDY ECONOMICS SILLY

But growth…we’ve done a lot of bad things in the name of growth (which is why we need goal 7 now).

I’d like to rename this goal Meaningful Work Economic Prosperity in an Environmental and Socially Sustainable Manner. (Admittedly the long title needs some work)

I need to learn some more things before I can tackle this one. (If anyone has some ideas about how to insert about seven billion lifetimes of knowledge into my head, that’d be swell.)

Now that my brain hurts, I’m going to take a knitting break (I think the only thing in my suitcase coming home will be wool…I don’t really need clothes, right?). Then I’ll go back to world ninja’ing.



Hugs to help you save the world ❤


Live, laugh, love, bake,

Marley and Tea

P.S. Always give in to your wanderlust.





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