Where can I return adulthood?


Today’s blog post is a wee bit different in nature (at least for me).


Besides this lovely blog you are not reading, I am also part of a blog through CELL that networks to a whole bunch of people who expect me to be professional and intellectual and blah blah blah


(Just kidding, they actually encourage creativity and expression, except they politely request we write in a more formal manner…oh academia, where is your sense of humor??!)


So, as I wrote a post WITHOUT SARCASM and almost died.


To bring myself back to life I’m spicing it up here.


Though, I do suggest you take a peek at the beautiful things my friends here have to say about this glorious adventure 🙂 they’re a wonderful bunch of beautiful souls and smartie pants. Check out their amazingness here!

And now we begin…

Many of life’s most important lessons are learned in childhood.

What I learned:

  1. Izzy is the queen of the world and always will be.IMG_8405.JPG
  2. Old phone booths are actually super hero changing stations in disguise, hence why they kept them all. Only this one had the guts to tell the public the truth. IMG_0782.JPG                                                   WHERE ART THOU BATMAN?!IMG_0916.JPG Ahh busy being Anchorman, got it!
  3. You actually lose teeth to create a special straw-holding spot, not to grow in grown-up teeth (those just grow in by mistake).IMG_1785.jpg(PSSST that’s my best friend, EVERYONE SAY HI  TO LUBA, *everyone responds* “HI LUBA” good job.)
  4. Santa is real. DON’T EVEN START THAT DEBATE WITH ME. the-four-stages-of-life-santa-claus-funny
  5.                                         These rules applied at almost all times. Unless you had to pee.childhood-memories_o_131847

That pretty much sums it up.






Anywho, what we learn is often hidden in the pages of children’s books. You see you think you’re reading them (or forcing your parents to read you “just one more”) to get away with staying up later. When actually you’re being fed life lessons whose meanings you won’t fully grasp for years to come.


I see what you did there.

Take The Very Hungry Caterpillar by Eric Carle: A food filled adventure that describes the transformation from caterpillar to butterfly.



The lesson (as I chose to interpret it today in an ecovillage trying to convince the world the planet needs saving and we can do it)?

This caterpillar had only its’ legs to get it from one days food to the next, it could not eat where it could not travel. Yet, we humans eat food from places we’ve never been and may never go.

I’m not talking about hopping on a flight to Rome to eat a mouth-watering margherita pizza (or on a flight to Iceland to eat fermented shark *shudders in disgust*), I’m talking about those grapes you had for  a mid-morning snack that were shipped from Chile. Your grapes have a high environmental cost, not just in the gas you used to get from home to the store and back again, and far more than the lights and coolers in the grocery store to keep your grapes looking perfect. Your grapes had to be shipped by boat or by plane to a U.S. port and then driven to your grocery store. That’s a lot of mileage for snack time. And, all this without even considering the pesticides and gas used in the production of the grapes and their plastic bag.


Feeling bad about your produce yet?


You don’t have to.


There’s an easy way to feel better about fueling your body…

Check out your local farmer’s market (cat-calling the produce is prohibited) They grow fruits, veggies, grains, etc. just around the corner, and are often employing organic farming methods. This cuts down on chemicals, pollutants, and travel.


Farmer’s markets offer in-season, local goods that will make your family and the planet far healthier so by eating locally you’re helping save the planet, one grape at a time. And your tastebuds will thank you, those local tomatoes? They taste like a whole different product than the grocery store variety, and pack more of a punch in the vitamin department too.


Afraid this might be too much? Don’t know where to go?



Too bad.



You’re out of excuses.


Using the following website I found nine farmer’s markets within five miles of my university…that’s close enough to walk.



So open your eyes and look.



Hugs from an ocean away ❤


Live, laugh, love, bake,

Marley and Me

P.S. Always give in to your wanderlust.



One thought on “Where can I return adulthood?

  1. You can return your adulthood any time, but you won’t get your money back. If you don’t return it, it starts getting revoked at about my age. You regress to babyhood as you gradually lose your hair, your teeth and your continence. You do regain your innocence and ability to drool.

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