Hip Hip Hooray!

Hip hip hooray! It’s happy day!


No seriously.


Today was (no joke) titled “Happy Day” at Solheimar.

So how did they start this day?

With a 9k.

I have not trained for a 9k.

I mean, I run often, I enjoy running, but THIS WAS A MILDLY ALARMING ANNOUNCEMENT AT 8AM.


Given my lack of preparedness I was a wee bit worried it would go something like this:


Thankfully, this was an overreaction on my part (this is a common problem).


Instead it was more like a 9k swim…on the road.


I kid you not the rain and wind attempting to take my raincoat off my body (and almost succeeded)…then I realized it wasn’t fully zipped.

Zipping it did quite a lot of good.


Life lesson learned: Zip your jackets kids.

I should start listening to my mom.

Even fully bundled, it was still really wet

and cold

and windy

and yet, it was the happiest run I’ve ever been on.


Probably because as I was running by a mountainand then another one

(Did I mention it was a hilly run?) a herd of horses started running along next to me (well behind a fence, but still). They were the most beautiful creatures I’ve ever seen.


And probably the reason I finished the run. A herd of horses neighing you on is good motivation.

(Note to self, bring a herd of horses with me everywhere. Is that okay mom? I know you don’t want chickens, so how about horses?)

Eventually I could feel my fingers and toes again.


Later we had some pretty intense card game sessions with the residents. When you lost you had to have your nose colored black.

I’m still not totally clear on why.


Either way it was fun.

I tried to use some basic Icelandic and it was basically awful. Better luck next time.


For now I must sleep because:


So tomorrow we’ll talk about other things,

like puffins,




how much I miss my puppies,


climate change denial,

the importance of stretching,

the meaning of life,

wool socks,

and knitting.

(Not ranked in order of importance.)



Hugs to my loves from miles away ❤


Live, laugh, love, bake,

Marley and Me

P.S. Always give in to your wanderlust.




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