The Milkshake Convention on Pluto

You know those dishes that taste sinfully delicious and you’re afraid to even look at the ingredients list? Well, this is one of those drinks. Except, it really wouldn’t be that bad if you did ask because it’s really quite healthy. So good that this could be breakfast on the go OR dessert, and let’s be honest, that really doesn’t happen often. The only other dish that can be breakfast or dessert is Pumpkin Pie at Thanksgiving, but that’s our little secret.


Anyways, this is not about pumpkin pie (although if someone handed me a slice I would so not object 😀 ). This is about a lying cheating drink that we shall call a milkshake.


This milkshake was at the Milkshake Convention on Pluto the other day and got kicked out because it doesn’t have any ice cream or other forms of dairy AND no added sugar. The Milkshake Council decided that this “milkshake” had to go. I however, would like to keep it because it is so darn delicious.


Ingredients to be viciously thrown in your blender and blended until smooth and creamy:


2 cups ice (or in my case 2 REALLY BIG handfuls)

2 small peaches (mine were from our CSA)

1 ripe banana (Let’s be truthful here, no one wants a banana that isn’t ripe? And now I must apologize to all of the unripe bananas in the world.)

1 cup…unsweetened soymilk (I used Silk)


What a scandalous milkshake!


It is so very yummilicious that I think I need to go drink some right now.


Drink and be merry!


Live, laugh, love, bake,

Marley and Me


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