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Very recently, (in fact I only just got home this week) my extremely generous and wonderful Grandfather took me on a whirl-wind tour of Europe. We cruised down the Danube River from Prague to Budapest and along the way stopped in Regensburg, Linz, Salzburg, Passau, Durnstein, Vienna and Bratislava! It was absolutely gorgeous with amazing architecture both new and old. Papa took 1,500 pictures (ish) so, there is no chance of not being able to explain how incredibly beautiful this trip was.

Besides the fact that I had a wonderful time with Papa and saw many beautiful buildings and pieces of art, I also ate some amazing food (and some not so amazing food)!! Dinner every night was at least 3 courses, but normally 5. Then again those crazy Europeans don’t eat until 7 at night, and I’m used to eating at 5:30, needless to say, I was starving!  Here was how dinner normally happened:

Course One: Small appetizer. Examples: Trout mousse (surprisingly good), a scallop, a couple pieces of shrimp with various sauces, and more, although it was never vegetarian.

Course Two: Soup. There were almost always two options. My top three favorites from the trip were garlic soup (which I will SO be making and posting about), white tomato soup (ever heard of a white tomato???) and sauerkraut soup (yes, it was sour, but it was also a nice change from creamy soups and heavy meats and it was extremely delicious).  If I find the recipes I will be sharing them, because p.s. I’m boycotting Campbell’s (even their reduced salt soups are 20% of your daily salt intake for ½ cup and you can taste it).

Course Three: Salad!!!! I had previously thought it would be near impossible to find veggies in the meat capitals of the world, but I did find them, just not enough of them, so this was a gift from the gods. The salads often had a thin pesto sauce or vinaigrette and had there was no iceberg lettuce to be found! Hallelujah!

Course Four: After forty five minutes of feeling starving and only getting miniscule pieces of food that were more a tease than anything (although they were quite a tasty tease) we finally had our main course. This is where I tasted lots of new meats and was pleasantly surprised to find I liked some of them, but some, I just couldn’t stomach. Duck, pretty good, veal, was okay, but I feel bad eating baby cow, but on the other hand, fois gras gives me the shivers. It has the consistency of fluffy cream cheese, only it’s made of intestines, or is it liver? Hmm, not quite sure. Maybe if they had told me what it was after I had tried it, I might have like it, but they told me before, so no. I also ate meat that was way pinker than I am comfortable with, but it was cooked by a professional, and I decided I was going to be very open on this trip, so I ate the tiniest bites. It was good, but I prefer my meat cooked all the way through thank you very much!

Course Five: Dessert! From Crème Brule to mango mousse to cheese filled crepes to gelato, we ate it all!!! There was plenty of chocolate, lots of cream and way too many options. Everything was good, how could you go wrong when each restaurant had a pastry chef? What was the best part? You could always get tea to go with it!

The food was amazing, but I’m glad to get back to home cooked meals and fruits and veggies galore. Look for my attempts to make Camembert Salad, Spinach risotto with mozzarella, zucchini and mushroom strudel with carrot puree and sautéed asparagus, and more.  I may not be in Europe any longer, but that doesn’t mean I won’t be stealing their recipes. Mwah ha ha ha…

Live, laugh, love, smile,

Marley and Me


12 thoughts on “World Traveler

  1. I really look forward to getting the recipes for the soups. Soup season is fast approaching. What did poppa do without any iceberg lettuce?

    Love you so much!

  2. Can’t wait for the recipes. When you get to it, look for Crème brûlée. You might not find it with the spelling it sounds like. Hope you’re sampling the seafood on Virginia Beach, and that recipes will follow.

  3. It is great to hear your perspective on the trip’s food delights since we knew we would not hear about this part of the trip from Hunter ! Sounds wonderful, I am so happy you had a wonderful time! Aunt Becky

  4. Trout mousse…. I am very impressed that you tried that. I don’t think I could bring myself to do that, even being an avid seafood lover. 🙂 I LOVE SAUERKRAUT!!!! And pink meat has never been one of those things that bothered me… I prefer it pink, actually. It’s so cool that they give you tea with dessert… all we ever get here is cofffee!

  5. marley. this is amazinnng! I have always wanted to go to Europe, and now I feel I have already tasted the food! Everything sounds delicious, exspecially since, I want to be a Chef when I am grown. From Mango Mousse, to Pesto Dressed Salades. Yum Yum Yum! ♥

    -Love you and your blog!

  6. It was so much fun having you appreciate and be able to discuss the foods we were served so much more than a “cafeteria” fan such as myself ever could! People worked hard to select and provide us fine food. I would be interested in you posting your impressions of the ship’s galley and operation.

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