Me, Myself, and Stuff

My name is Marley, I’m in 8th grade and this is my blog. Now that we have the boring stuff out of the way… let the fun begin!

             Everyone has one place (if not more) where they are in their element. Don’t get in their way, they’re happy, calm yet energized and ready to take on the world. Being a teenager I think my place is supposed to be the computer or my phone, HA! Forget it. I’m in my element in the kitchen and the only abbreviations there are tbsp., lb., oz, and so on. So, move over texting, and get ready to have fun in the kitchen.

                This blog was inspired by the movie “Julie and Julia”. However, I am  not cooking my way through a world famous cookbook and counting down the recipes. I am simply baking and cooking my little heart out while sharing my adventures with you. I can already tell you that while I’ve made some things that I love with all my heart I’ve had a couple of farts. But that’s life, and if you turn the page in the cookbook you might find a better tasting adventure.

                                                  Good luck, best wishes and good food,



9 thoughts on “Me, Myself, and Stuff

  1. Hey there Marley,

    Love your new blog. Having sampled your cooking (okay, maybe not sampled- pigged out on) I can vouch for the fact that your successes outnumber your farts by far. My most recent favorites of yours are your tea bread from New Year’s and the cookies you made the last time I was there before that. Will you be posting recipes, or better yet making deliveries?

  2. Good luck Marley and above all else have fun doing what you love. I am sure you don’t remember me but I met you many years ago up at Camp Chingachgook.

    Jill Ordway

  3. Marley, I had to LOL about your abbreviations. I am sure my son will try the cookie recipe. And I do not beleive for a miute that your dad was yelling at the TV. Good luck and we will keep reading.

  4. OMG Marley! I love your blog! Now I’ll have to beg my parents to let me start a blog. TY for the address!
    Luv ya girl!
    Allie Rose

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